About Buddies Pre-School

At Buddies we are a charity run and community based pre-school in Maldon, allowing children and their families to build relationships in their local area. The pre-school caters for both children with and without special needs, with all staff having several years experience of caring for children with a variety of special needs. At Buddies we understand the importance of a child’s Buddies reading and learning environment development before they reach school age and so at the centre we create an environment where children can learn and develop to the best of their abilities. For this the pre-school has a high ratio of adults to children so Buddies can provide each child with a higher than average level of individual care and attention. Furthermore, each session at the centre includes allocated time for structured activities which enable the children to gain skills and reach their full potential whilst at the pre-school.

Parental and family involvement while their child is at the pre-school is highly encouraged by Buddies. We like parents to join their children for some activities as well as being involved in making decisions about their development.

Facilities at Buddies

Buddies has three areas where children play, Buddies pre-school outdoor play area and toys two large rooms used for pre-school activities and an outdoor play area solely for use by children at Buddies. The site also contains toilets with changing facilities, a fully fitted kitchen, an office and a small parents meeting room.

Buddies is easily accessible for children with special needs with the site having wheelchair access. All the facilities at the pre-school are well-decorated and in good condition, so Buddies is a nice environment for children, parents and staff to spend time.

The Key Persons Approach

Every child at Buddies is allocated a key person who is involved in their progress and development throughout their time at the pre-school. The key person will start by helping the child to settle in at Buddies, work with the child’s parents to produce their specific learning path based on the child’s abilities, needs and interests as well as making sure they fully benefit from all activities at the pre-school.

Specified Curriculums at Buddies

All children learn and develop at different rates so at Buddies we structure an individual learning path for each child. The child’s key person will work Buddies play activities offers development closely with parents, carers and professionals to create a specific curriculum based on the child’s needs to allow them to progress throughout their time at the pre-school.

The aim of the curriculum is that each child who attends the pre-school can reach their full potential and are prepared for starting school at the age of five. Furthermore, to help the child progress through their curriculum staff at Buddies will be on hand to offer all the necessary support the child requires.