Parents Role at the Pre-School

We believe parents are the most important part of their child’s education, that is why at Buddies our staff work closely with parents to make sure the pre-school provides the most appropriate care and education for each child. Buddies asks parents to share knowledge of their child’s needs and interests so we can specify Painting activities at Buddies each child’s individual curriculum accordingly to allow all children at Buddies to gain the most from their time at the pre-school.

At Buddies we see parents as a key part in helping their child to settle in to the pre-school when they first start. Also, we like parents to help to make the pre-school a stimulating environment so all the children who attend can develop and learn from their experiences at Buddies. We also like relatives of children at the pre-school to help at some sessions. We feel this gives families of children who attend the pre-school a chance to get involved with and help them to learn the most from activities.

Parental involvement is also important in terms of the management of the pre-school. Buddies is run by an elected committee made up of mostly parents who are responsible for planning the future of the pre-school. We encourage parents to join Buddies committee to help shape the children’s learning and development. There is also an Annual General Meeting which we encourage all parents to attend.